Bullseye POS

Why should use POS system in a restaurant?

Now a days Bullseye POS is one of the best rated and a most popular Restaurant POS system commonly used by Restaurant Industry. A most innovative POS system and complete suite to run your restaurant business in a better way at your location. According to latest trends & technology, now latest version of Bullseye POS has changed the features in a better performing way and have added new features for more performance. It offers Billing, Inventory, CRM, Payments and E-commerce for your business. This Restaurant POS System for restaurant industry works on any hardware including your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.



As per my personal experience Bullseye POS is most innovative, intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to spend more time growing your restaurant than managing it. The Restaurant market of today has never been more challenging due to global competition. Today’s shoppers are more powerful than ever, given the abundance of information available at their fingertips. Additionally, restaurants need to operate across channels as efficiently as possible, which means breaking down organizational silos that prevent profitable multi-channel retailing.

From simplicity at the Restaurant management to the complexity of a complete company overview with the mere click of a mouse – Bullseye POS is the future of Restaurant industry, delivering the Restaurant experience of tomorrow, without the wait. An intuitive, simple and effective User friendly interface Spectrum is designed to handle multi-layered business hierarchy, variety of business models and several restaurant formats. It supports franchisee models spread across multiple geographies through its robust technology architecture and a variety of features and functionalities which are available out of the box. Bullseye POS is a comprehensive Restaurant POS System solely built for Restaurant Industry.



Bullseye POS System empowers restaurants in their business transformation by offering:

  • Billing System (POS)
  • Unified Multi-Channel Customer Experience
  • Distribution and Franchise Management
  • Inventory and Warehouse Management
  • Customer Management
  • Reporting and Compliance
  • Rapid Mind to Market: Real–time Execution of Complex Retail Strategies
  • Multi-Platform, Multi-Device Capability
  • Customer Loyalty Program with Central Management and Local Flexibility
  • Robust Centrally Managed Pricing and Promotions Engine with Seamless Integration to POS
  • Business Intelligence Engine for Dynamic Business Decisions and Strategizing
  • End-to-End Value Chain Visibility Configurable and Scalable Architecture Supporting Multi-Layered Business Hierarchy
  • eCommerce
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership

If you would like to know more about this innovative and commonly used Restaurant POS System for Restaurant Industry, please check here: Bullseye POS

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